Wireless Proximity Alarm Training Course

The Sigalarm Training Course equips team members with the necessary tools to operate a wireless proximity alarm. This course has lessons covering all aspects of a wireless alarm to ensure safety and avoid dangerous power line contact.

Operate the Control Module

Know the ins and outs of the component that operators interact with the most. Use the Sensors Dashboard, understand Sensor readings and Touchscreen button functions to safely operate equipment.

Troubleshoot Equipment

Know what to do if your proximity alarm will not power up, reads no data, or even has a frozen screen.

Adjust & Set Parameters

Select the parameters that operators will work with. Set the volume max and min, lock the setpoint, and select the radio frequency that’s appropriate for your job site.

Adjust Setpoints for Alarm Warnings

Select the appropriate setpoint at which alarms will give a warning.

Upon successfully completing the wireless proximity alarm training and evaluation, team members will receive a temporary certificate which authorizes them to operate a Sigalarm.

Don’t compromise your team’s safety. Download the Sigalarm app on your Apple or Android device and become a part of our growing community.

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